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About This Website

We have been designing, developing, producing commercial sites since 1995 and maintain this web presence as a resource center and presentation point. With the exception of a handful of stock photos, we are solely responsible for all of the graphics (creation / animation / image manipulation), writing, design, layout and coding on this site.

This site was redesigned  in November 2016 (after 10 years) from an HTML/CSS-based site to its current WordPress Format.

WordPress is an open source, PHP-based product. Cascading stylesheets and plugins are used to control functionality. WordPress puts some limits on the kind of content that can be presented. Some of those limitations can be overcome by using plugins, but it can become a bit awkward, so some items are displayed as links to the previous version of this site.

The site makes use of JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Flash and other features that are supported by current versions of all major browsers. It has NOT been tuned for SEO. Our focus is on having our clients on page on of the Search Engines, but we use this site solely as a point-of-presence.

Because this site functions as a laboratory and showcase, the interface is not in line with what we create for commercial sites. Additionally, technical considerations make it more complicated to get WordPress sites to rank well with Search Engines. We have chosen what we hope is a clean, simple look, designed from a minimalist perspective.

Samples of our B2B and B2C UI design are found in the “Clients” section of the site.

Any questions, comments and suggestions you may have are always welcome. If you are interested in having a commercial site built for your firm or want to see your company’s website on page one of Google, Bing and Yahoo, please contact us regarding availability and costs.